40 Seater Bus
 40 TO 45 SEATER BUS PER WAY – $140

The 40-seater bus is a full-size transport that lets multiple families and friends travel together to the destinations around Singapore. It is the perfect vehicle to enjoy a recreational trip at all phases. The spacious bus lets you work around having to split into smaller groups or travel in public buses.

The advantage of the Maxi Cab Service 40-seater bus is that it will bring you right to your destination without any extra expenses or worries. You can make your whole trip on a single transport with the 40-seater bus booking. It is convenient, reliable, and spacious for the residents and tourists of Singapore.

40-Seater Bus Booking

The booking of the 40-seater bus is one of the special categories at Maxi Cab Service. You can use it in the same way as all the other cabs under our provisions. With the 40-seater bus, you get to travel in style, with a lot of room for each individual.

The 40-seater bus booking proves highly economical for our clients. You can employ one as a one-way or a round trip. There are fixed charges if you wish to travel only to or from a place around Singapore. As for a two-way journey, the booking rates depend on your hours of employment. As such, you can get the bus to stay with you on your travel between destinations.

The 40-seater bus arrives at your designated location at the given time according to the booking. It can hold up to forty people along with small- to medium-sized baggage items. For hefty luggage, you may have to sacrifice a few seats on the bus. It is a likely situation when there is a large group of people going to the airport or a vacation within Singapore.

Make a 40-seater bus booking through the Maxi Cab Online Booking, or contact us through the hotline (+6581422222) for the purpose.