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We are the best in providing the 7 Seater maxi cab service in Singapore

The need for Maxi Cabs in Singapore has increased over the years. A standard taxi is not capable of carrying the passengers as well as their luggage while doing airport transfers. That is why the 7 Seater Maxi Cab is becoming very popular.

The 7-seater cab is capable of carrying seven people along with the storage boot and the space for luggage. It is also capable of carrying bulky items. The 7 Seater Taxi is even able to fit bicycles if you are planning to move your bicycle from point to point particularly because cycling becoming a very popular hobby in Singapore over the years. The 7-Seater Maxi Cab is capable of fitting two bicycles along with 2 to 3 passengers. The thing that makes our Maxi Cab Booking service very popular is the fact that our prices are fixed. We do not charge additionally for ERP and our prices do not surge. What we advertise is what you pay. An all-inclusive price for all your Maxi Cab Services.

Our 7-Seater Taxi Singapore Service is most widespread with customers who need a Maxi Cab for Airport and Singapore Airport Transfer (Arrival). Forget about waiting to get home.We also keep track of landing time of the flights for our clienteles in case your flight is delayed, or lands earlier than the scheduled time and we will receive you from the airport consequently. What’s more? We offer an additional waiting time for 60 minutes in our Services of Maxi Cab that comes from the airport. Those who opted for our Maxi Cab Singapore Airport Transfers have mentioned that our maxi cabs are very comfortable. The 7 Seater Cab singapore can carry a maximum of 7 passengers as well as seven average-sized luggage’.

If you are in need of booking a Cab to travel to various places for 7 people within a given period, opt for our Hourly Booking Service of Maxi Cab. Go to as many places as you want, and we provide you with a designated driver and vehicle throughout your booking. You will only need to pay according to the hours of service and not the typical number of places/transfers that you use the vehicle for. The 7 Seater taxi singapore is very popular amongst tourist for city tours. Corporate clients use the 7 Seater taxi for shuttle services for events. The Maxi Cab Hourly Booking is perfectly compatible with handing out invitations for special occasions.

A 7-seater Maxi Cab is the spacious solution to possible congestion while travelling between places in Singapore. A taxi just will not cut it when there are luggage items and, more importantly, passengers to accommodate within the ride. Such is the case, especially when you have to travel to or from the airport.

But with a 7-seater Maxi Cab, none of that appears as a problem. It ties perfectly with our vision of travelling services for the Singaporean community. We value the comfort of our clients above all else, and our 7-seater Maxi Cab serves the purpose to a T.

7-Seater Maxi Cab Service Qualifications

The 7-seaters available through Maxi Cab Service lets you travel in style. You can choose a booking between two of our most popular 7-seater rides, which are:

  • The Mercedes Viano
  • The Mercedes V Class

Each of these has seven seats for passengers, with a separate storage boot and luggage space. Our clients can also keep small baggage, such as handbags, alongside them without feeling any discomfort or congestion.

The rides can serve as 7-seater taxis in Singapore when you have more luggage than people to transfer. As an example, the Mercedes Viano can fit a couple of bicycles comfortably alongside two to three passengers.

As for the performance levels, all the 7-seater Maxi Cabs have a stable feel, even at high speeds. They are fast, reliable, and economical as a mode of travel for our clients.

Make a 7-Seater Maxi Cab Booking!

You can book a 7-seater Maxi Cab in advance for all sorts of occasions. In case you need picking up at the airport, or need a ride home from a destination at a particular time, the 7-seater will be available to you according to your requirements.

Contact us at our Maxi Cab hotline to book your Maxi cab.Make a Maxi Cab Online Booking for travel in a 7-seater throughout Singapore.

We do not charge any fees for the advanced-booking of Maxicab.